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An active and educational approach providing time specific treatment plans and goals, along with client involvement and responsibility towards recovery. Moving Towards Wellness Ltd. uses Kinesiology Associates, as well as liaisons with local clinical providers, in order to assure that injury assessment and physical rehabilitation is in place and is actively pursuing Return to Work goals.

The purpose is to promote independence and eventual self-direction when the client can be discharged from healthcare practitioner support. If a client is a suitable candidate to participate in a Self-Directed Community-Based Program, Moving Towards Wellness Ltd. Associates can help find an appropriate facility, provide continuing education, oversee and monitor programs and communicate with personal trainers and facilities to ensure that the program is being implemented appropriately. The goal is a client confident to continue independently, having a better understanding of health, wellness and personal care.

The union of aquatic exercises and physical rehabilitation. This programming can assist in early facilitation of the rehabilitation process or work in combination with other therapies in place. It promotes relaxation, decreases pain but particularly increases movement and function. Active Aquatic Rehabilitation takes place locally in the Clinton/Goderich area or can be conducted in Community and Private Pools throughout Midwestern and Southwestern Ontario.

EDUCATION (Lifestyle and Pain Management):

Specialized programming in the following areas:
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Chronic Pain
  • Back Education
  • Fitness and Health
  • Lifestyle Adaptation
  • Health and Safety Seminars
  • And others
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