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Providing realistic vocational goals using tools to investigate interest, abilities, perceptions, function and other traits, while establishing employability and promoting return to work. Moving Towards Wellness Ltd. utilizes other service resources local to our Rural Community.

Assessing work history, career objectives, avocational and vocational involvement, level of education, experience and training as it relates to transferable skills using the National Occupational Classification (NOC) and Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT), to determine future employability and suitable alternative options.

Objective measurements using evaluation tools such as Interest and Aptitude Testing, learning preferences, etc. combining information from transferable skills and work history to provide a full Vocational outline which will assist the client to determine employability options. Access to a Psychologist to investigate personality traits, motivation, physical impairments such as pain and physical injury is also available to assist in determining Vocational recommendations.

A Life Role Analysis (LRA) is an approach to Career Planning that is personalized for each individual client. It increases client participation and results in an increased level of responsibility by the client for vocational outcomes. A LRA allows an individual to explore their past, present and potential future in vocational pursuits from within the context of the client’s present situation. It develops a creative process of exploration that allows more flexibility and vast thinking towards vocational considerations in order to eventually develop necessary career planning skills fostering growth and development for the client to become more adaptable towards alternative vocational pursuits. LRA has specific goals, is time oriented, and identifies the client’s current situation, environment, strengths, abilities, barriers, needs, skills and knowledge. It also incorporates the client's values, interests, beliefs, previous education and employment in order to develop a solid vocational action plan. For clients it is an opportunity to examine their own career-life journey encouraging active participation and reflection that produces a Self-Portrait of their vision and purpose and the means to achieve their goals.

Focus on the local rural community and its present economic state, as it relates to appropriate employment.

Connecting with the rural labour market and services to make appropriate and successful job placements.

Workshop and education to provide the client with skills necessary to re-enter the work force. Partnering created with local and existing programs.
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