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Assisting clients during the Rehabilitation Process once they have been discharged from a hospital or are convalescing in their home environment. Providing immediate contact in order to assess needs and initiate appropriate services.

Immediate evaluation provided to reflect accurately Personal; Basic/Supervisory and Skilled Attendant Care Needs. Provisions are made for appropriate re-evaluation as the client becomes more independent and begins to resume activities of daily living. Accurate calculation of cost and Full Summary Report included.

In the rural and urban communities, services need to be carefully coordinated and an appropriate knowledge of the area is key. Existing relations are established that can assist in proper transition from a large city centre hospital to the community of the individual client. Local knowledge of community resources and health partners can assist in effective discharge planning.

A sound evaluation of domestic activities conducted for both male and female clients. Client’s general functional level at the time of an assessment is conducted with appropriate education, guidance and recommendations. The client is actively involved in functionally designed tasks which will assist in gradually and appropriately resolving areas of difficulties whenever possible. Full Evaluation Report with recommendations and cost outline is provided, along with benchmarks for re-evaluations and ongoing education and guidance.

Active programs initiated within the home if transportation is an issue. Assessments determine level of functioning with education and appropriate recommendations to return a client to all activities of daily living along with domestic and leisure pursuits.
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